Kaleidoscopic Self


5 min. image based video loop


Working with a collection of screenshots from Tinder profiles and incorporating extracts from real interactions, the piece aims to explore online image-based identities.


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A.K.A Homage to Luciano Caruso


1 min. video loop


Digital and online technologies have made art more accessible than ever; when we go to a museum we can go through it registering as much as we want so we can review it later at home, and the ones we can’t visit we can see online without even leaving our homes, but how much does the digital image really tells us about an artwork?
This piece intends to show the journey from reprography to photography, from reproducing to communicating, from copying to transmitting by transfering to different formats and thus translating through different languages .


Dreams' jail



Where is the line between sanity and insanity? Between reality and delusion? Between care and surveillance? Between me and the other? Dreams' Jail is a visual compositions of the many voices shared in abandoned buildings such as psychiatric hospitals. Built to keep the undesired out of sight, this project aims to dilute borders bringing the inside to the outside and combining the remains from former patients to current interventions.



Minotaur's Imprint



Metropolis, contemporary labyrinths, inhabited by us, minotaurs  looking for the exit hoping to end our loneliness created by a city so big that has swallowed the individuals. Graffitis are the imprints left by Asterion as an attempt to achieve freedom frustrated by the signs that lead our course thru the labyrinth that leads us to failure: traffic lights and signs.  Minotaur’s imprint is a series that constantly searches for this marks to intervene them with maps creating a cartography or our existence.







Roman Gubern states that visual perception has a space dimension, due to the extension of the forms that are traversed by the saccadic movements of sight, and a temporal dimension as well, because of the duration of the exploratory swipe or sequential analysis made by sight. Since Mexico City is one of the most populated cities of the world, we found ourselves inside crowds running from one place to another without time to stop and observe. As a result, our minds cannot process all the stimulus remaining only small pieces fused in our memories creating images of places that can only exist in our minds.


Arbitrary Conventions



This series born from the reflection postulated by Michel Foucault in Les mots et les choses about the signified associated to the signifier that, even though they are unique to every person, they are also influenced by the culture that surrounds us. These montages are based on ten classical representations of saints chosen arbitrarily considering that occidental culture was mainly determined by the Catholic Church that determined the iconography of pictorial representation on the Council of Trent. Today, we are marked by the Internet, which is why every saint is intervened by the first ten images provided by Google when I looked for every saint attribute.


All images belong to Ana Paula Mireles Andrade.  Contact:

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